Top 3 Fashion Accessories for Spring 2013

The Coral Pouch BagAdding a pop of colour to your outfit this spring is even easier than you think – all you need to do is invest in a bright colourful handbag! Nothing quite says spring better than bright coral does and it goes with absolutely anything – especially worn with denim and summer dresses! I spy a shopping trip coming up soon......The GI 2013

What to Wear on Ladies Day

A day at the races can be pretty exciting anyway but on Ladies’ Day, the horse racing takes second place to the fab fashions of the day! When it comes to dressing for Ladies’ Day you may want to go for the latest fashions but remember that there are certain guidelines for appropriate dress so it’s best not to go too overboard with the neon

I Love……

Right now I'm loving so many things but the weather's definitely not one of them!Australian Bush Flower Essences Replenishing Night Cream might be a right old mouthful to say but it's worth saying it and it's well worth buying it. It packs a powerful punch of moisture into your skin overnight but it doesn't make your skin feel all greasy and congested. It's my new

A Unique Piece of Jewellery & A Fab Birthday Gift

Where to start when you're looking for original birthday gifts? Google and a zillion sites pop up - the vast majority of which are anything but full of original, unique presents.I had kind of come to the end of my tether when I happened upon Mi Jewellery. The site looks nothing special until you start clicking around and realise that it's possible to buy an

Tula Bags

I'm not usually a Bag Lady (so to speak) but I saw a really cute bag in John Lewis today and I suddenly 'got' the whole women & their handbags thing.My own collection of bags seems paltry compared to all the other women I know but that might well change.To be honest I'd never heard of Tula Bags until today although I am familiar with their big