Lush is Lush

Lush is one of those shops which I love walking past on the High Street as it always smells so lovely and inviting. If I've got time I like to go in and just touch and sniff the various concoctions on offer though inevitably I'll end up buying something.I don't think we've ever had a Lush Bath Bomb in the house yet which I and

A Few Random Xmas Gift Ideas

Don't Say It

Thought I'd share a couple of ideas for Christmas pressies with you......New to me is the classic game PERUDO - a classic Peruvian dice game which will make liars of everyone!  Apparently Stephen Fry has called this game the second most addictive thing to come out of South America! Perudo is a brilliant after dinner party game, a drinking game for adults, or just good

Super Boosters

Retailing, merchandising and marketing fascinates me sometimes.  We've been loyal Tesco shoppers since just after we came out of nappies ourselves and have had many a reward as a result of our loyalties using their Clubcard Deals over time, but over the last few months we have dipped our toes into the world of 'alternative' shopping.  Absolutely eye-opening!  Amazing in fact!  With a bit of