Over 50s Dating

over 50s dating

How things have changed! Now when I was young …..” When my grandparents and parents used to say that sort of thing back in the day, I, like many other youngsters, used to roll my eyes and despair at the oldies. Not so much though now I’ve joined the ranks of oldies and wrinklies.

So many things have changed since I was a young girl; even since I became an adult to be fair.  The pop man, anyone? Phones with dials. TVs with three channels, home-working, internet shopping, Kindles, 24 hour news, recycling, tablets … the list is endless

It’s the Internet though that’s been the biggest game-changer and not always for the better.

Being ‘connected 24/7’ is great if you have a student child backpacking around the world.  But who wants to read work emails on a Saturday night or any evening for that matter?! Our employers have access to us around the clock and we feel that we have to respond once we’ve read an email.  Nightmare!

Ditch Your Smartphone


And then there’re mobile phones. I’m pretty sure that most people, in particular young ones, can’t imagine life without them but more and more of late, I’ve been considering getting rid of mine!   Fed up of being ‘available to all and sundry day-in, day-out, the DJ Chris Evans is one of many people to ditch their Smartphone recently. 

I’ve got to say that there are times when I’ve switched my phone off just to get a bit of peace and quiet. Trying to catch up on Killing Eve the other night, I was fielding WhatsApps from various family members, texts from the hospital reminding me I had an appointment, emails, cold-calls and alerts from eBay about a range cooker I’d shown an interest in! Aaaaarrgghhhh!  I nearly threw the thing through the window.


I actually said to Mr. W, I was seriously considering going back to using a basic mobile just for calls and texts!  No more taking zillions of photos with my all-singing, all-dancing smartphone and letting them languish in a cloud somewhere.  I’d rather go back to taking pics old-style with a camera and then sticking the photos in an album.

Another huge difference between people today and people 20 plus years ago, is the whole dating scene.  Ask almost any couple today where they met and how they got together and there’s a fair chance that they’ll say online. 

Over 50s Dating

Seems like meeting someone down the pub, fancying them and asking them out on a date is old hat. So imagine being 50+ and single suddenly for the first time in 30 years.  For the first time in your life, you’re having to wade your way through the wonders and perils of over 50s dating sites . Terrifying or what!

woman 50

You soon learn that when it comes to over 50s dating, there are rules to abide by and types to avoid. Going out on a first date needs to be seriously thought about.  You have to meet somewhere safe, public and tell a friend or family member where you’re going. Because you won’t have ever met the person in real life beforehand, you have to consider your personal safety.  You think you’ve been chatting to Mark, 48 from Older-Dating.com but really he’s 61 year old Dave.  Mark says he’s looking for a relationship whereas Dave really just wants a few no-strings dates.

At least back in the day when you met someone in passing and they asked you out, you already had a feel for what they were like as a person.  With online dating, you have to really use your gut instinct. If something sounds dodgy, there’s a chance it is. If a bloke wants you to go for a meal in his house for a first date, you just don’t do it.  Yes he may be absolutely fine but there’s a possibility he’s not. With online dating, always play it safe. Don’t leave anything to chance.

Dating Sites

Then you have to also think about which dating sites to use – some are less palatable than others.  Some make no bones about what they’re there for. Those are the sites which can be populated by a lot of very sleazy people (men?).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all dates have to result in a relationship. Nothing wrong with having a bit of fun, if that’s all you want.  But if you are hoping for a new relationship then don’t bother hooking up with someone on one of ‘those’ sites because you won’t change them and no they won’t suddenly decide they want a full-on relationship after all.

Flip we were lucky growing up when we did.  Dating is a minefield now! Good luck!

By Sally Williams

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