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TheThumbsUp to of my daughters recently showed me a phone case she’d created and I thought I’d have a go at making my own personalised phone case too. Hers has lovey-dovey pics of her and her boyfriend but I didn’t want to go down that route.

Basically I went straight to the same site as her ( and got started. I had an idea of what I wanted beforehand which helped as there were quite a few options when it came to designs. It was so simple to do though and the IdealCases site was dead easy to navigate. The whole thing quite literally took a few minutes and a few steps:The Thumbs Up to my personalised phone case from IdealCases

  • Choose Your Device
  • Create Your Own Design
  • They Print & Send
  • You Have a New Cover in a Few Days!

I had an HTC phone a while back which I smashed the screen on so I knew I wanted a case that kind of sat slightly proud of my phone. I have an iPhone and there were 6 different types of cases to choose from. I went for the Full Wrap Print With Gloss Finish. This particular case offers high scratch protection to the edges and back of the iPhone & medium drop protection too. I chose a bright, snazzy print from one of their options – and yes that really is my phone at the top!!

I ordered the case on Tuesday and I received it on the Thursday. Pretty good going eh?! And guess what? I LOVE IT!!!

Ideal Cases definitely get The Thumbs Up from me.

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