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remote control candles

Remote Control CandlesRemote Control Candles – Well, whatever next?

But hold on a minute, this ain’t such a bad idea after all, what with conventional candles being the greatest cause of house fires in the UK and me having kittens every time Mrs C mentions the presence of a strange smell in the house.  I’ve found burning candles between two wooden bookshelves on a couple of occasions and had to hold back my anger each time.  But an LED, battery-operated remote control candle set has no flame, produces virtually no heat and will therefore cause no threat whatsoever to our house and home.

So, having embraced the concept, they were loaded with the appropriate batteries, given pride of place inthe lounge and then switched on.  There’s the choice of steady or flickering, bright or dim, timed switch off – and more.

We sat and marvelled at the way home illumination as come on leaps and bounds by now trying to authenticate a historic inconvenience with a technological mimicry of those old times.  But, hang on a minute, every time we change channel on the TV, one or more of said candles decides to switch on (or is it off?) or stops flickering, so we reach for the candle remote and what we ask that one candle to do, the other two seem to do the opposite. Hours of fun!  What were we watching on th TV again???

No, jokes aside, these are a handy, attractive and in my mind most imortantly, safe little piece of room decor.  Full marks for innovation and if what’s on the telly is rubbish, these offer a suitable diversion.

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