Ruby Red Body Moisturiser

Ruby Red Body MoisturiserRuby Red Body Moisturiser is quite simply pretty amazing stuff! It smells clean, fruity, refreshing and works like a dream. There have been days since I started using it, that I haven’t even bothered with putting perfume on as I like the moisturiser’s lime scent so much.

I’ve got the Revive and Repair Body Moisturiser – Lime but I know they do a ‘Soothe and Nourish’ version too in Jasmine which I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t like as jasmine tends to give me headaches.  (Good call, Kathryn!)

Ruby Red prides itself on being a British brand which uses  plant ingredients and natural fragrance. Their products are free from all the usual ‘nasties’ and as you’d expect from a company with such a strong sense of what’s right, it doesn’t test on animals. This is all very well and good and many ‘green’ companies try to do this, however often their products fall short at the finishing line and end up being unpleasant to use because they ruby red logosmell, let’s say, less than fresh!  This is most certainly not the case with Ruby Red who have produced products which not only ‘do the business’ but are also fabulous to use.

I’ve been using my Ruby Red Body Moisturiser for a couple of weeks now and am nearly out of it. My dry legs though have never felt better and I love how soft amd smoothe they feel. It’s a winner without doubt!

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