Sensiderma Moisture Soothe by Queen Cosmetics

Sensiderma Moisture SootheI’m forever trying new moisturisers since my annis horribilis a few years back when I seemed to develop an intolerance, almost overnight, to absolutely loads of skincare products.

Recently I’ve been using Sensiderma Moisture Soothe and I’ve got to say I’m really impressed with it. It’s been developed for sensitive mature skin – you know, the sort of skin which can feel all taut and uncomfortable after some moisturisers. Well the Sensiderma Moisture Soothe is really light and is perfect for daytime use. You don’t have to wait very long at all before putting your make-up on, unlike so many of the other rich but heavy creams usually aimed at mature skin.

It seems to have a kind of a cooling effect on my skin which I like but I’m not entirely sure that it reduces the appearance of my fine lines which are rapidly becoming huge crevices – nothing to do with the Moisture Soothe though & everything to do with yet another Big Birthday coming up soon! I’ve just had a look at some of the ‘blurb’ about the product and apparently it’s good for people who suffer from acne rosacea too. I don’t – but if you do and you’ve tried it, then perhaps you could comment below?

I like the fact that it contains NO perfume or unnecessary ingredients too, by the way!

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