Senzimi Skincare

I’ve been using Senzimi Cleanser and Moisturiser over the past few weeks and apart from the scent of the cleanser, I am pretty impressed.

The cleanser has an unfortunate scent for what is basically a good and very effective product. No such problem with the moisturiser though and this is one I will almost definitely buy again.

The sensitive daily moisturiser is absorbed easily enough although when you first put it on, it does seem quite thick. It claims to help ‘promote cell growth and boosts natural protection against UV damage and the appearance of age spots’ but who knows…..? The sensitive cleanser is mild and sulphate-free and is gentle enough not to strip the skin of its natural oils.

I like to know what’s in the stuff I put on my face. Are there preservatives and parabens? How ‘natural’ is the product really? And if you’re concerned about the ingredients in your skincare products too, the Senzimi website is certainly worth looking at. In a nutshell, Senzimi products aren’t the most exciting in the world of skincare but hey, they do what they say on the packet, so who’s complaining!

Mrs. C

April 8 2011

Mrs C
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