Some Christmas Gifts Ideas

Julie Dodsworth CandleYou can’t go far wrong giving virtually any woman friend or relative a fragranced candle as a gift. All my daughters love lighting scented candles so there’s a fair chance Santa’ll be bringing them a candle or two. Wax Lyrical have just brought out a new range of candles called the Julie Dodsworth range and I’ve already bought one of them. I picked up The New England one as I like citrussy scents but it’s also got jasmine in there for those who go for the more floral scented candles. Apparently the candle glasses burn for 60 hours which means it’s pretty good value really at under £20.

Men are generally incredibly difficult to buy for (compared to women anyway). If you know any coffee connoisseurs then Cherizina Coffee has some great Christmas Gift Sets. The Christmas Coffee sounds interesting and the chocolate-covered coffee beans are really scrummy. The various coffee gifts are all fairly inexpensive I think. The Cafetiere Gift Box – a 300ml cafetiere accompanied by 115g packs of Cherizena’s Breakfast Blend and the Christmas coffee is only £18! The coffee and gift sets are available from

BananagramsHaving just discovered Bananagrams, I’ll be buying it for somebody. I can’t say who in case they read this Blog – suffice to say it’s a brilliant family game and at £14.99 not too dear either! It’s suitable for age 7+ and if you’ve got a big family gathering over Christmas up to 16 people can play it!
Bananagrams is a fast-moving anagram game that drives players bananas – hence the name! Unlike similar games players don’t need a pencil, paper or a board and it comes in a small portable banana-shaped pouch! You can Buy Bananagrams Here and you won’t even have to pay postage. Yay!

Mix It Up StylerWith three older daughters, a sister and sister-in-law, thingummyjigs to do stuff with your hair are a sure-fire winner for Christmas gifts! Let’s be fair most of us ladies like experimenting occasionally with our hair, don’t we? T-H-X Hair Products (Total Hair Experts!) have a fab range of hair styling products all of which are brilliant value for money. I’ve bought a Mix-It-Up Styler and it comes with a handy ‘how to’ Look Book. So often at home we try to recreate a look we’ve seen in magazines and on the TV but just can’t seem to manage it, well the T-H-X hair tools make at-home styling easy, quick and fun. You can curl, straighten or wave hair with the Mix-It-Up Styler so it’ll suit pretty much most people. You can buy them exclusively from Tesco or at On the subject of hair, I like the Paul Mitchell Luxury Hair Care Gift Sets too.

Owl Mug Dunelm Mill

As for inexpensive gifts then I love this Owl mug from Dunelm Mill which is only £1.99. Owls are very ‘in’ this year so I reckon these will be walking out of their shop.
Lush is another favourite of mine for all the girls in the family though you have to be careful putting their bath-bombs in Christmas Stockings as the scent from them can spoil the taste of chocolate things. So the moral of the story is bath-bomb at the bottom and Thorntons Santa at the top!
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