Some Mothers Day Gift Ideas

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My first dilemma when coming up with Mothers Day gift ideas was whether or not to include an apostrophe!

My instinct was to go for Mothers’ Day – it being a day for all mothers. Apparently though, Anna Jarvis, the campaigner who originally came up with the whole idea wanted it to be Mother’s Day, as it’s a day for each family to celebrate their own mother and not just for all mothers in general. Anyway as I couldn’t decide what to do, I thought I’d really throw the cat amongst the pigeons and leave out the dreaded apostrophe completely…..

(And don’t get me started on how to spell ‘dilemma’ either!  I distinctly remember in school being taught that it was ‘dilemna’. I know for a fact that I still say the silent n out loud to myself when writing it down so that I spell it correctly ….. or incorrectly as it turns out. Read this on if you don’t believe me…..)

Enough of all that grammar stuff anyway and here are a few Mothers Day Gift Ideas if you need them……

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Spineless ClassicsI love Spineless Classics – it’s a site where you can get the full text of a book printed onto a poster.  It’s a unique concept and the resulting pieces of wall art make brilliant gifts for book lovers. They have a wide range of classics and prints start from £19.99  –

If your Mum is forever losing her phone in her bag then MyBunjee is the way to go! They’re inexpensive, cute and not only will your Mum keep hold of her phone but it’ll stop other people from trying to nick it! No-brainer?

BeeFayre Bee Calm Diffuser
BeeFayre Bee Calm Diffuser

Beefayre is another site worth visiting if you’re looking for gifts for anyone frankly, although I’d hazard a guess that more women than blokes would be interested. Beefayre’s entire range has been inspired by the plight of the honeybee and the Bee Calm Body & Bath Set is part of Beefayre’s new Waggledance range. (Great name!)  My personal favourite though is the fresh-scented Bluebell & Wood Anemone Reed Diffuser. It’s beautifully boxed & packaged in Beefayre’s botanical print and is only £14 from

These framed plaques from The Fun Blue Plaque Company at www.funbFun Blue Plaque are fun too and if your Mum is ‘green’ then you can’t go far wrong with a Gift Set from Dielle. Dielle sell really gorgeous nail varnishes with none of the usual toxic ingredients like toluene & formaldahyde.

Joan Collins Timeless BeautyPersonally I’m more of a Benefit woman myself but I know that there are loads of ladies out there who would really appreciate a gift from the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range. The beautifully-packaged skincare and cosmetics make lovely gifts. This Paparazzi Ready Compact Duo is particularly handy for touch-ups on the go.

CobwebKnits Tea have some retro handmade pure cotton aprons which can be personalised with BEST MUM, etc. or customised with any one of a selection of images. They also have handmade tea cosies in a variety of designs, including those perfect for Builder’s tea, English breakfast, Earl Grey or fruit teas. All their items come in pretty rustic presentation boxes which Mums everywhere will appreciate.

Premurosa is well worth a visit for something a little different for Mothers Day too. You can order a ‘letterbox gift’ to be delivered as a one-off or set up a subscription to have a gift delivered every month. The gift that keeps on giving! Everything is beautifully wrapped and really does fit through your letterbox so it doesn’t matter if you’re out when the postman calls.  I have a load of birthdays coming up and I reckon Premurosa might just be the first place I look for giPremurosa - Mothers Day Gift Ideasfts!

Of course, you could always just go to visit your Mum and take scones, clotted cream, jam and cake to make her a DIY Afternoon Tea. Why not throw in a glass of bubbly to make it that bit more ‘special’? Alternatively. take her out for Afternoon Tea so you can all be spoiled rotten…… And cliched as it may seem, chocolates go down well with most of us, let’s be fair!

Get your skates on, whatever you decide, as Mothers Day is only a couple of weeks away, on Sunday March 15th!

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In a nutshell, I'm a Mum to three gorgeous daughters and two step-sons who are gradually making their own lives and leaving Mr. C and I plenty of time to enjoy life just as a couple again. I'm a big fan of Afternoon Tea & Corrie and hate, with a vengeance, violence in films! I love reading 'proper' books though I concede that my birthday Kindle was brilliant on holidays.

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