Spa Goa Hand Sanitizer from LCN

LCN Hand SanitizerWhat with Norovirus and all the other nasty lurgies around at the moment, I’ve become a right ‘Monica’ and almost paranoid about the whole hand-washing business! I’ve started carrying around a Spa Goa hand sanitizer from LCN that I had for Christmas and it’s so different to the usual ones you pick up from the chemist. Most of the regular hand sanitizers leave an unpleasant chemical smell on your hands when you’ve finished and although the germs may have been banished your hands are left feeling quite dry (in my case taut) and basically ‘stinky’!

Whereas the Spa Goa Hand Sanitizer from LCN not only looks better than its competitors,  but it’s also full of scrummy things like hibiscus milk and cacao and coffee extract to nourish sore Winter hands as it disinfects.

It’s a brilliant size for fitting in your handbag and is a really good way to keep your hands hygienic when you’re out and about. So next time I’m in the shopping centre resting my hand on the escalator handrail, I won’t get worried about the person who had his/her hands there before me. I’ll just use my Spa Goa Hand Sanitizer.

(I’ve just realised this sounds like an advert and I sound like I’ve got a screw loose. It isn’t and I haven’t though…….. honestly!

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