Summer Party Fun

summer party fun

Summer is always a lovely time of year for us, more so now since the advent of grandchildren. Little Connie, one of two ‘lockdown babies’ born in our family will be having her 1st birthday party in August.  I’ve offered to help with home-made bunting and invitations for that one.  It’s fun getting all crafty and making the birthday bunting yourself. You can even choose matching fonts for the party invites and bunting if you want.

Harris, our other new baby grandson, was one a couple of months ago and his Mum, our daughter, Helena made some pretty amazing party decorations.  Unfortunately none of us could go to his party because of the various ‘restrictions’.  We’ll have to celebrate twice as much for his 2nd birthday!

Summer Party Invites

Having said that, his big brother Dylan will be 3 in a couple of weeks time so I’m sure we can all sing an extra round of Happy Birthday to Harris.  His Mum is as brilliant and imaginative at cake-decorating as designing her own birthday party invites, so we’re expecting great things.  No doubt she’s already looking through the various summer fonts trying to find one that suits the birthday theme best. Last year she made the party table place settings herself too. It’s so much more personal when you make the party stationery yourself rather than buy off-the-shelf standard party bits and bobs. Using age-appropriate summery fonts looks so much better and really stylish!

Strawberries & Pimms Party

One of our brood had a Summer Wedding in Santorini a few years back.  Let’s be fair, it’ll be pretty difficult to top that as far as summer parties are concerned. Having said that, we’re planning a Wimbledon Strawberries and Pimms Party at the end of the month. I’ve seen loads of really great summer party ideas around and have even chosen the font for my casual invites. I feel pretty organised for me too. We’ve picked our colour theme, made the bunting, bought the Pimms (on offer in Tesco)…..  Obviously we can’t buy the strawberries and cream until the day before!  Fingers crossed now though for the weather as it’ll be so much nicer if the sun is shining.  Puts everyone in a party mood, doesn’t it.

summer barbeque

Upcycling Garden Chairs

The aim is to start the summer party just before the first tennis match starts which is quite early I suppose.  I’m hoping though that some of the guests will still be around in the evening as I’m dying to show off my new paper lanterns.  Yup I’ve gone the full Blue Peter and even made my own party lights too! I started upcycling some old garden chairs a while back and hope to have them ready for the day. But to be honest, even if they aren’t then there’s always next Summer.

My own birthday is mid-Summer but as we were away cruising down The Thames, I didn’t really have a party. The girls and I went out for cocktails the weekend before and had a whale of a time though. I’m like a big kid when it comes to birthdays and parties as you may have gathered. Have never really got into the whole Halloween thing like our friends in The States but perhaps now we have grandchildren things will be very different. Things like that are much more fun when there are little ones around. And there are so many amazing ideas online for making your party stand out from the crowd.  Watch this space!

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