Birthday Time at The Vale Resort

Years ago, a man wearing a shower cap on a street corner tapped me on the shoulder and said I was a lucky man. Of course I knew this anyway, but it is a phrase much repeated by Mrs C when I'm in receipt of her kindly given gifts.Last year for my umpteenth 21st birthday I was treated to a night at the impressive Celtic

New Forest Aromatics Candle Gift Set

There are two things to say virtually straightaway about the New Forest Aromatics Gift Set - The candles smell absolutely gorgeous and the set is so cheap! The Gift Set looks like it should have cost significantly more than the £10 I paid for it. Yup - just £10!  I reckon the perceived value is more around the £20+ mark.The candles in the New Forest

Birthday Biscuits

Cupcakes & macaroons are soooo last year!  Birthday Biscuits - that's the way forward. It's Maddie's 21st this weekend and I was flicking through some recipe books looking for the most chocolatey, chocolate cake recipe I could find, when it struck me that I could make a load of fancy Chocolate Chip Cookies instead - way easier, a lot quicker & much more transportable for

A Unique Piece of Jewellery & A Fab Birthday Gift

Where to start when you're looking for original birthday gifts? Google and a zillion sites pop up - the vast majority of which are anything but full of original, unique presents.I had kind of come to the end of my tether when I happened upon Mi Jewellery. The site looks nothing special until you start clicking around and realise that it's possible to buy an