And it was all Yellow!

Old Yellow Fiat 500

It's rainy, windy, dreary and very grey outside. Well it is January I suppose. Being a sun-lover, Mr. C hates this time of the year and moans like crazy about wanting sunshine and warmth every time his weather app disappoints him with its fairly predictable predictions. We live in The UK - a temperate climate with very few weather upsets, after all. It rarely gets

Cardiff Winter Wonderland

Big Wheel Cardiff Winter Wonderland

Wandering Welsh Girl Megan Carr gives us her thoughts on one of the city's annual favourites ... Cardiff Winter Wonderland!A treasured family favourite, the Cardiff Winter Wonderland is the highlight of Cardiff’s festive season. Every year, families troop down in their buttoned coats and woolly scarves and red noses, excited for a seasonal day.Ice-skating, the Alpine Village, the Funfair – Winter Wonderland has it all. And, a new addition

The Ultimate Hair Experience at the Ken Picton Hair Salon

Ken Picton Hair Salon Cardiff

Most of you will know by now that I have three fabulous daughters who I love to bits. (two step-sons too as a matter of fact but as this is a 'girly' topic, we'll leave them out for now....)There's Helena, the oldest and a design engineer in Aberdeen, over at Helena's Blog, Megan, the free-spirited travelling one, in Malaysia at the moment, over at Wanderings

Hendricks Afternoon Tea at the Park Plaza

Park Plaza Hendricks G&Tea

Being time-served afternoon tea aficionados, we do love something new and different when it comes to passing an afternoon partaking of the old tea and cakes.This summer we pushed the boundaries a little bit further by trying the Hendricks ‘G&Tea’ at the Park Plaza Hotel in central Cardiff.None of those Assam vs Darjeeling vs Lapsang Souchon vs English Breakfast discussions here.  Instead the teapot contained

Salon Nia Hair Salon In Cardiff Saved The Day

Mr C, Mrs. C and Dr. Maddie Carr

So picture this, Middle Daughter Maddie's Graduation coming up ........Maddie and Mum both due for haircuts ........ Hairdresser phones and says she's ill! No ordinary hairdresser, mind you, but my hairdresser since those halcyon pre-children days in 1988.And all this the day before, MD officially becomes a Doctor.So what's a girl to do in times of crisis? Salon Nia Well we called on our old favourites Salon Nia

Another Trip to The Ken Picton Hair Salon in Cardiff

 Last week I reached one of those points in the Female Hair Calendar where no matter what I did with my hair, it looked a mess. I probably went at least a month longer than I should have, before taking the plunge and eventually booking an appointment at the Ken Picton Hair Salon in Cardiff. One thing's for sure if you go and get your

Ken Picton Cardiff Bay – Wow, What a Hair Salon!

Just before Christmas I went to the Ken Picton Salon in Cardiff Bay to have my hair 'done' and was, to say the least, very impressed with the whole 'experience'.I'll start from the beginning ....... 6 weeks or so before I ended up going to Ken Picton, my hair-dresser's Dad died and, to add insult to injury, the poor woman had to have a wrist operation

Pettigrew Tea Rooms

Recently Mr. C and I went back to the rather lovely Pettigrew Tea Rooms for our Wedding Anniversary.Ok, so some of you might wonder why we might choose to go out for Afternoon Tea instead of out for a slap-up meal at a fancy restaurant. Well the thing is that both of us happily agree that afternoon tea is our 'favourite meal'. Way before our

Driving from Cardiff to Aberdeen


Why oh why did daughter number one have to go and move all the way up to Scotland?!It's miles away!Lovely as it is up there (and it really is very lovely), it's one heck of a trek from Cardiff to Aberdeen. Flights to Edinburgh from Cardiff are easy enough to come by although not cheap but by the time you've added your car-hire and petrol