The Sapphires – A Great Feel-Good Film!

We sat down last night to watch a film called The Sapphires not expecting all that much to be honest. We'd seen a trailer a while back on the LoveFilm website and weren't impressed at all - but hey how wrong were we?! The Sapphires -Soul Sisters In my mind I kind of envisaged a low-budget Dreamgirls and I suppose in many respects it fitted the criteria

Christmas Telly

Have seen some really good stuff over the past few days...'Fast Freddie, The Widow and Me' - Laurence Fox was a revelation for me in this! Yes it was a tad predictable but it was a real feel-good drama and I loved it. I may have cried but I laughed lots too. Am so glad I didn't watch Great Expectations on the other side.Lapland -