The Ultimate Hair Experience at the Ken Picton Hair Salon

Ken Picton Hair Salon Cardiff

Most of you will know by now that I have three fabulous daughters who I love to bits. (two step-sons too as a matter of fact but as this is a 'girly' topic, we'll leave them out for now....)There's Helena, the oldest and a design engineer in Aberdeen, over at Helena's Blog, Megan, the free-spirited travelling one, in Malaysia at the moment, over at Wanderings

Another Trip to The Ken Picton Hair Salon in Cardiff

 Last week I reached one of those points in the Female Hair Calendar where no matter what I did with my hair, it looked a mess. I probably went at least a month longer than I should have, before taking the plunge and eventually booking an appointment at the Ken Picton Hair Salon in Cardiff. One thing's for sure if you go and get your