LED Lights from LED Hut

I’ve been a devout believer in the merits of LED lighting since its early days but my first few attempts to convert weren’t too successful.The lamps I bought weren’t bright enough, had a horrible colour and were generally disappointing overall.  That was a couple of years ago when they were just emerging onto the UK market and whatsmore they were also pretty expensive at the


What do you think of these? asked Mrs C as she passed me a rather jazzy-looking black and red box. Hmmm… my colour, my style, it said on the box. What more could I want? But what were these ‘BassBuds’?The box seemed too elaborate for them to be edible, so I put two and two together and used the word ‘bass’ to deduce that they

Osram Raystar and Cuby LED Torches

Many a comedian has observed that the keeping of a torch to hand the bedroom in case there’s a power-cut at night is somewhat futile, because of course you’ll be asleep anyway.However, old-school thinking and time-proved necessities have resulted in our ‘Torch Drawer’ still being a current item.  There’s the time when a small screw has been dropped down behind a cabinet, or when you

Freecom Databar XXS – Mega in Miniature

How technology moves on!  The recent advent of the microSD cards made me wonder at how miniaturisation of data storage has taken hold.  However, with such miniaturisation came the fact that they are both fragile and VERY easy to mislay and need additional adaptors to use them in your PC or laptop.Then along comes the new Freecom Databar XXS series, again with tiny proportions, but