The Power of The Pomegranate

Who’d have thought that the humble, weird-looking pomegranate would one day be one of the most sought after ingredients in ladies skincare products? The fun we had, us children of the ’70s, picking up those ruby pearls of strangely tasteless fruit with a dangerously sharp needle! How could we have predicted such a reversal of fortune for this most insignificant of fruits?

Last year I became a convert to the Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream – Fantastic stuff which sinks in like a dream, leaving your hands soft and silkily smooth.

Weleda Pomegranate Day CreamWell the latest addition to my daily routine is Pomegranate Firming Day Cream and Pomegranate Firming Face Serum. I haven’t got the eye cream yet as I’m still finishing off my Weleda Wild Rose eye cream which has rapidly become my favourite eye cream ever. Not least because it contains none of the nasties most of the other eye creams out there seem to have.

Anyway back to the mighty pomegranate which, in case you didn’t know, is not only packed full of lovely antioxidants but also naturally firms and tightens your skin.  I really love all the Weleda Pomegranate Range that I’ve tried so far and will definitely be buying Weleda products again and again. How could anyone not love products which really are ‘all natural’ and not just pretending to be so, like many of the other brands out there.

Weleda products have No synthetic preservatives,  No synthetic fragrances,  No synthetic chemicals and No synthetic anythings!  On their site they say, ‘We aim to use only the purest wild-crafted, organically and Biodynamically cultivated ingredients for our products. Toxins, additives and raw materials from mineral oils simply won’t do.’

Well done Weleda for making products which prove that natural doesn’t have to be ineffective and that you don’t need horrible chemicals and artificial additives  to make cracking moisturisers which really do the job!

Mrs C
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  1. Hi Kathryn
    Glad you are enjoying this range as much as I am! I can report that the Pomegranate eye cream is equally fab as the other products and also handy for the fine, sensitive skin on the upper lip that is prone to dryness (hoping it will keep any wrinkles at bay too!) in these cold blustery winds!

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