The Secret is Out Lifting Super Serum by Dr Nick Lowe

The Secret is Out Super Serum by Dr Nick Lowe“The Secret is Out Lifting Super Serum” by Dr Nick Lowe – flip, that’s a mouthful and a half isn’t it?! But hey, what a brilliant product.

I’ve been a fan of serums since I tried the Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Youth Serum last year and I was keen to try out the latest from dermatologist Dr. Nick Lowe who I’ve just been reading lots about. I felt the need to Google him as I had managed to convince myself that the bloke who sang ‘I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass’ way back in The ’80s had retrained got himself a medical degree and well…. Turns out that Dr Nick Lowe is definitely not in the slightest bit related to aforementioned ’80s singer and is infinitely more qualified to research & develop exciting new skin products! 🙂

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Like most serums ‘The Secret Is Out Lifting Super Serum’ promises to hydrate, firm up and smooth out your skin which is basically something we all want. The blurb says that the serum “…. increases the effectiveness of day and night creams whilst helping to firm and tighten the skin.” Apparently 88% of users felt their skin was smoother & more hydrated straight after application and after 4 weeks of daily use, 76% felt their skin appeared more youthful. Sounds like pretty good stats eh!

Dr Nick Lowe Anti Ageing ProductsI don’t know about other ladies out there but I kind of glaze over when I start reading all the gobbledegook on the packs of virtually all beauty products. For example on the Dr Nick Lowe Serum I read that it “contains a powerful peptide-derived lifting cranley complex plus Acai and Goji super berries to encourage cellular repair whilst improving skin’s tightness and elasticity.” There’s also “Linseed Extract to improve skin’s elasticity and firmness, a powerful Peptide Complex that visibly refines the skin’s surface fading expression lines and vitamins A, C and E to help smooth, rejuvenate and protect the skin.”

Lalalalalala… Too many words, too much science and does anyone actually read all of it? I start to read, end up skimming and usually come away with the feeling that I’ve been blinded with science but hey if it has an anti-ageing effect on my skin then what the hell….

Anyway, back to the brilliant, magic serum…..It’s a lovely velvety and opaque cream which glides onto your skin instantly making it feel silky and smooth. I really, really love this product and I know I will be buying it again. The fact that it’s a luxury product at an affordable price makes it all the more desirable really. The serum is designed to be worn under your moisturiser but to be honest some days I don’t feel I need moisturiser on top as it’s so good!

Dr. Nick Lowe’s “The Secret is Out Lifting Super Serum” definitely plumps up the skin around my eyes and makes my face feel more hydrated. It doesn’t make the fine lines around my eyes disappear but then I don’t think anything could. However there’s a distinct softening and I feel confident in saying that it has the desired anti-ageing effect. It makes my skin feel good and so I feel good too! 🙂

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