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Over the last few days I’ve been trying out a whole new skincare range called Sonya. There’s a bit of a ‘story’ behind this as a friend of mine started using this a while back and had mentioned it to me on a few occasions. I’d been a bit reluctant to trial the range though as she was also selling the products so I thought she may have been exaggerating the benefits. Call me Mrs. Cynical and all that……. Anyway suffice to say I was wrong and she was right and believe me I don’t say/write things like that easily!

You can buy the various products in the range separately or even better value, you can buy a Sonya Gift Set which contains the whole range. It’s tremendous value for money when you think that the Sonya serum costs around the £34 mark for around 120ml whereas Clinique and other high-end brands are a similar price, if not more, for less than half the amount. Personally I found the serum a bit too much for day-time but I’ve been using it every night as part of the usual cleansing and moisturising malarkey and my skin genuinely feels better particularly around the eyes. There aren’t many serums that suit my skin for day-time use to be honest and I feel that once a day is enough for me anyway so it’s no big deal.Sonya Skin Care Collection

The Sonya Skin Care Collection contains all five products in the range:
Aloe Purifying Cleanser
Aloe Deep Cleansing Exfoliator
Aloe Refreshing Toner
Aloe Nourishing Serum
Aloe Balancing Cream

Sonya Nourishing SerumMy favourites are the cleanser, serum and balancing cream. I know we’re all meant to use toner but frankly there seems to be no difference if I use it or don’t so it’s never really been a staple in my daily skin care regime. This particular Aloe Toner is surprisingly good however and it smells lovely and fresh too – always a bonus. For me the Aloe Deep-Cleansing Exfoliator is enough to use just once a week but I would say for most people it’s mild enough to use a couple of times a week. My skin went a little red after the first time I used it but then whatever exfoliator I use, the same thing happens. My face settled down after a few minutes and the serum and moisturiser went on like a dream.

I’ve just had a look through the list of ingredients and I can see ‘aloe vera, fruit extracts, white tea and superior moisturisers’  feature largely. I wonder if it’s the white tea that makes everything smell so good?

So did the Sonya Skin Care Collection from Forever make a difference? Do I look 10 years younger? Well yes and no…. My skin feels soft …… looks smoother and brighter too I think. But as for looking younger, does that ever happen in real life?  I’m a realist not a fantasist! I definitely look less tired around the eyes though and would without doubt buy these products again.

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  1. This collection really makes a difference on my skin. The glowing younger look refined my expressionis looking healthy younger skin. I truly recommend this product.

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