The Thumbs Up to Trilogy Everything Balm

Trilogy Everything BalmIf I had three thumbs I’d give all of them The Thumbs Up to Trilogy Everything Balm! It’s seriously good stuff and I have it with me almost all the time. It’s one of those uber-useful balms which works for nearly everything and is another one of my ‘beauty must-haves’!

I use it on my cuticles, my elbows and my heels regularly but when I get sore, chapped skin anywhere I’ll just massage a bit of the Trilogy Everything Balm in and hey presto, it feels better! You know how your feet get really dried skin on the back of the bottoms of the heels in the Summer? Well I massage some of the Trilogy Everything Balm onto and into the hard skin on my feet and then pop a pair of socks on over the top? The socks warm the balm up and when I take my socks off after an hour or so, my feet are lovely and soft. Brilliant! I use the balm on my lips too to keep them smooth and conditioned although I much prefer the smell to the taste. It’s got a lovely scent and isn’t at all medicinal like some of the other so-called multipurpose balms out there.

It seems quite a solid balm in the pot when you pick a bit up but then it starts to melt on your fingers and becomes a lovely texture to work with. I’ve read that some people use it for massage as it does become oily with lots of contact but I haven’t tried thatTrilogy Everything Balm new (yet).

You can Buy the Everything Balm by Trilogy here and believe me it’ll be the best £12.50 you’ve ever spent. It lasts for ages and you can use it for everything. No-brainer!

(Just to say that I have the old packaging as I’ve had mine for a while now but I can see on the Trilogy website that they’ve updated the packaging and it now looks much cuter!)

So once again, I reiterate …..

The Thumbs Up to Trilogy Everything Balm!

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