The Top Colours Trends for Interiors and How Each Colour Affects your Wellbeing

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Today we’re looking at the top colours trends for interiors. We’ll also be explaining how each colour affects your wellbeing ……..

Despite research not being fully understood, scientists suggest that there is a direct link between colour personalities and human emotions. Colour has a range of psychological properties. It can affect not only your mood, fluctuating between happy and sad, but can also affect your behaviour. Because of this, it makes complete sense to think carefully when choosing shades for certain rooms within the home. It’s wise to consider how each room is going to be utilised as well as how we want the room to make us feel.

Top Colours Trends

Home and interior trends change regularly, with colours coming in and out of fashion often. And whilst it’s really great knowing what colours are on trend right now, it’s also a good idea to understand how each of those colours will affect your wellbeing. Here we discuss five current colour trends and how each colour could potentially affect your mood.

blue room


Blue is an extremely trendy shade right now. Tones of royal blue and navy can be seen on everything right now. From feature walls and made to measure curtains, to kitchen cabinets and even sofa upholstery. Blue is a very calming colour, which has fantastic properties which can make the mood feel relaxed, well-balanced and centred. It’s a fantastic shade for clearing the mind as it happens. Ideally use it in spaces such as the living room and bathroom where relaxation is most likely to take place.

Yellow - Top Colours Trends


Yellow, perhaps unsurprisingly, has fantastic mood enhancing properties. It’s a brilliant colour for spaces like the kitchen, where you’re likely to need an energy boost first thing on a morning. With a rise in bold refrigerator colours, it’s no surprise that yellow is featuring so heavily. The shade captures sunlight, bouncing light around the room. Yellow radiates positive energy, leaving you feeling energised and ready for the day.

purple trend


Purple has once again seen a rise in popularity thanks to jewel-shaded colour palettes making a reappearance within home furnishings. It’s a rich and regal colour, often seen as a bold colour choice Yet its properties are fantastic for creating a romantic and luxurious feel within a space. With so many shades to choose from, from lavender to violet, it’s easy to incorporate into any living area.

green room


Green is having a real moment within the world of interiors. Outdoorsy patterns and foliage feature heavily in most recent trend reports. Green is one of the most tranquil shades on the colour spectrum, communicating positive ideations of peace, balance and harmony. Because of its connections to nature, green has the ability to be restore and rejuvenate, making it the perfect colour for bedroom spaces.

trendy pink


It’s no doubt that millennial pink has soared in popularity, you only have to take a brief look at any Pinterest interior mood board or interior inspiration Instagram accounts to find they’re all awash with the delicate blush tones of millennial pink and it’s easy to see why. Pink is synonymous with soothing and comforting feelings, making it the perfect colour pop to add to any relaxing bathroom.

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