The Tower Gatehouse Chepstow – Wow!

Tower Gatehouse near Chepstow

Tower Gatehouse bedroomA few months back I received a lovely email telling me I’d won a competition run by Simply Chateau.

I hadn’t actually won the first prize of a week for the family in a Chateau in France but I had won a weekend in a 13th century property called The Tower Gatehouse near Chepstow.

Now anyone who knows me and my blog knows there’s nothing I like better than a ‘romantic weekend’ away – although a Cream Tea comes pretty close – so I was pretty excited and went straight online to take a peek.

It really did look like some kind of enchanting ‘fairy-tale apartment’ – what a prize! I liked the idea that it wasn’t too far from where I live so we wouldn’t even have to spend hours in the car getting there and home again. We wrote straight back with our chosen dates and sat back waiting for the weekend to come around.

As instructed by the very comprehensive Welcome Pack from Simply Chateau, we contacted the owners of the property  just beforehand and the owner Juliet wrote a lovely email back giving us all the necessary information about picking up the keys and that sort of thing.

Oliver’s Travels

It really is a stunning property and to be honest I don’t think the blurb and pics on the Simply Chateau website (now rebranding as Oliver’s Travels) does it justice.  When we pulled up outside we kind of just sat there for a while taking it all in. (I Tower Gatehousemight have sat there a bit longer but for the fact we were sitting in a bright yellow ‘boyracer-type’ car which Mr. C had to review and much as I love yellow cars I felt I wanted to disassociate myself from this particular one!)

The Tower Gatehouse has everything you could possibly need for a short (or indeed longer) break but I’m glad we packed our slippers and a few dvds. All we had planned on doing was chill and chill we did. We took food aplenty with us, a bottle of something sparkling, chocolate, The Mentalist Box Set and a couple of films – what else do you need? We even had sunshine which is always nice although as we stayed in our PJs all weekend it was irrelevant. We lit the wood-burning stove, curled up on the sofa and relaxed our little socks off.

We did venture up to the top of The Tower just to take a peek at the spectacular views and it was a bit humbling to stand there thinking that 700 years previously, people had been standing right where we were. Despite the fact that ThOliver's Travels logoe Gatehouse is a very old property though, there are all mod-cons and if anyone out there avoids going to stay in ‘older’ properties because of the spiders (it can’t just be me), I didn’t see one all weekend!

The Tower Gatehouse Chepstow features on Oliver’s Travels as being one of the Top 12 Quirky Converted UK homes. It’s a lovely little site and has lots of different sorts of properties – pretty much something for everyone really, so well worth a look!

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