Double Futon from Comfy Living

Comfy Living Futon

A while back we bought a single futon from Comfy-Living  . It's been a brilliant addition to our house as along with being a really comfy chair, it's also a fold-out single bed for unexpected overnight visitors.Anyway I digress ..... over Christmas our house went from a virtually empty nest to an overflowing 'guest house' as various offspring came back from Uni or work with

LED Lights from LED Hut

I’ve been a devout believer in the merits of LED lighting since its early days but my first few attempts to convert weren’t too successful.The lamps I bought weren’t bright enough, had a horrible colour and were generally disappointing overall.  That was a couple of years ago when they were just emerging onto the UK market and whatsmore they were also pretty expensive at the

Joseph Joseph Elevate Knives Carousel

Joseph Joseph Elevate Knives

How lovely are Joseph Joseph kitchen accessories! I'm not the kind of person who would generally 'rave' about kitcheny stuff but I think I can make an exception for Joseph Joseph. Last week on an incredibly long drive up to Aberdeen to Cardiff we went into Westmorland Services (which has got to be the Best Motorway Services in the Uk and deserves a blog all of its

Remote Control Candles

remote control candles

Remote Control Candles - Well, whatever next? But hold on a minute, this ain't such a bad idea after all, what with conventional candles being the greatest cause of house fires in the UK and me having kittens every time Mrs C mentions the presence of a strange smell in the house.  I've found burning candles between two wooden bookshelves on a couple of occasions and

A Comfy Living Futon

When is a bed not a bed? You see so many people cussing and cursing their recently-purchased flat-pack furniture that you’d think manufacturers would have by now found the magic formula to keep furniture both easy to assemble and sufficiently well-built to stand the test of time.What then, were we to make of our new Comfy Living futon which was delivered a couple of days ago

EcoForce Competition

EcoForce is one of those companies I happily give TheThumbsUp to! What's not to love when it comes to green household products?!I have a Fab EcoForce Giveaway for you. EcoForce & TheThumbsUp are offering you the chance to Win A Year's Supply of 'Green' Spring Cleaning Products Worth £50!  This  will include lots of the full EcoForce range of sponges, scourers, cloths, dusters, pegs, peg


I'm not really a Monica or even an Aggie or a Kim but I do like my house to be cleanish & definitely tidy.Wherever possible I try to 'do the green thing' and am always on the look-out for greener options when it comes to buying cleaning products and the other paraphernalia associated with keeping a clean house.It's so much easier to find 'green'


Munio Candela Soy Wax Candles

I love a nice candle I do and would happily buy a new one every time I went shopping if I could. My cinammon-scented Christmassy candle has just died so it was time last night to light a new one.Recently I've become really conscious about avoiding sooty candles and so the MUNIO CANDELA soy wax candle (which has quite literally been poured into a paint