Things I’ve Loved & Things I’ve Hated Recently

Over the past few months there have been quite a few things I’ve loved and hated but have forgotten to tell you about. So I thought I’d write about a few of them alltogether in one blog!

Illuminating Touch Brightening ConcealerRecently, for example, my YSL Touche Eclat ran out and I just couldn’t face a trek into town to get a new one. I’m forever hearing about alternatives which are better or as good so I thought I’d give one of them a go. Big mistake! I bought the Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer from my local Tescos and as soon as I put it under just one eye, I realised what a massive mistake I’d made. It’s very sticky and thick and is quite difficult to blend. It kind of drags on the delicate under-eye skin and there’s a kind of caking effect. It didn’t conceal and it certainly didn’t brighten. I won’t be buying it again and recommend you don’t either – I’m sticking with Touche Eclat in future although am always open to suggestions from anyone.

Aubrey Moisturiser and CleanserAnother recent disaster was the Aubrey Age-Defying Therapy Moisturiser. Now I’m not one for using the very over-used expression OMG, but really that was the first thing that came to mind. It positively stinks. I know Sea Buckthorn, which is one of the ingredients, can be a bit niffy but this moisturiser really does reek. I had to wash it straight off after putting it on and even then, Mr. C asked me what the smell was. It may well be a good paraben-free moisturiser but it wasn’t for me, I’m afraid as I couldn’t get past the smell. The Aubrey cleanser is slightly fresher but it still leaves quite a cloying scent afterwards. I liked it as a cleanser but again I won’t be buying it again because the scent is way too overpowering. On a plus-note for Aubrey I do love their Rosa Mosqeta Bath Bar

I was really surprised to find that HEALGEL Face didn’t work for me. I tried out the HEALGEL Eye not so long ago and raved about it so I was confident that the face version would be equally as good for me. Unfortunately it wasn’t and I ended up with a sore, red face and was unable to wear make-up for a week. It also made me a bit spotty which narked me a bit as I almost never get spots and if I do it’s only ever one! On the plus side it had a nice texture and made my skin feel soft but I won’t be using it again for obvious reasons.

Pur Lip Gloss StickI’ve had quite a few nice pür minerals products recently. The chubby Lip Gloss Stick in coraline became a favourite in the Summer although I’m not sure it goes as well with my Autumn/Winter skin. In the Summer when I’m freckly, it’s a fantastic pop of colour and it’s nice and sheer too which I particularly like. My Powder Brush and Mineral Glow bronzer from pür minerals are together another Must-Have for my make-up bag wherever I go. It’s quite a luminescent bronzer and doesn’t have that awful orangely look that many other bronzers have.

Another disaster for me was the Raspberry Hydrating Cosmekit from Raspberry CosmekitDocteur Renaud’s Hydration Range. The idea is that it’s a mini at-home treatment which should make you feel as if you’ve just had a facial at a salon. I did everything it said in the very complicated instructions – ran a bath, got my book, mixed the product up and went through the various steps. Well all I can say is I enjoyed my bath and the book started off promisingly enough. As for Step 6 of the raspberry face mask instructions (6. Stare at your gorgeous new complexion!), pah!!!! My face not only felt sore afterwards but it was also very pink and mottled-looking. I certainly didn’t look like I had gorgeous skin and won’t be trying this out again.

Aroma Works

Aroma Works , on the other hand, is a site I can see myself buying from for years to comearoma works candle. Their Nurture Room Mist  doesn’t smell like a room freshener at all. It has a natural, fresh, rose scent and is worth every penny particularly when you’ve cooked fish the night before and you really do not want the house to stink all day. I love the Aroma Works candles too and I’m sure more than one of my relatives will be getting one for Christmas. I can’t decide if I prefer the Nurture or Inspire candles though so am going to have to keep on lighting them every night until I make my mind up.

In brief too I’m loving Comvita Smoothing Cleanser, Voya Shampoo & Conditioner and Trilogy Everything Balm. The Comvita Cleanser has a lovely honey scent and works like a dream

Mrs C
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