Top Ten Baby Names 2010

The Office for National Statistics have released the most recent Shall we call him Bruiser?list of top baby names for 2010 and guess what, surprise surprise, Oliver and Olivia are still there at the top for the 3rd year running!

It would appear from the list of really traditional names for girls and boys that not many of us Brits go down the weird and wonderful route when it comes to baby names and meanings. For boys we prefer the classic Thomas and James to the wacky Sparrow or Bandit. For girls similarly, we prefer to opt on the safe side and go for Sophie or Grace rather than inflict the name Apple or Petal on them for life!

Apparently the things we take into consideration when choosing our children’s names are not necessarily what you’d imagine. Obviously we want the name to sound nice and to go with our surname but equally we want our baby to have a name with positive vibes. So if you were teased or bullied in school by someone called, say, Adam, then you definitely won’t go for that name if you have a baby boy.

Is your name on this list of top 10 baby names for 2010?

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