Top Tips For Healthy Hair

Winter is around the corner, and that means bad things for my hair although to be honest my hair’s not in brilliant condition right now either after my recent holiday in Portugal.  Extreme conditions, whether cold or sun, have never been my friend, so I learned long ago that I have two options. One, I go into hibernation every so often which simply isn’t practical or two, I get help from the professionals

The Chapel hair salonBelow is some advice from The Chapel hair salon, Sevenoaks who also happen to have some brilliant tips and helpful hints and videos on their blog. (I love the video tutorial below on how to do a French Braid!)

Top Tips for Healthy Hair:

Let your hair air dry (partially)
It’s winter, it’s cold, so you go straight from the shower to the hair dryer. According to the experts, this is the wrong move. Instead, you should let your hair air dry while you do other parts of getting ready. It’s OK to get the excess off with a bit of dryer time, but most should be allowed to dry naturally. When it’s about 80% dry, it’s the prime time to go into styling it, making sure you use a heat protection serum as part of the routine.

Use only the products you need

There are so many different hair care products available, it can be tempting to fill up an entire bathroom with just things for your hair. However, check what you actually need for your particular hair type and hairstyle. A hair salon can also help you with this, so ask your stylist for recommendations for what you need and what you don’t. Most hairdressers will give you advice even if you don’t have your hair cut with them.

Don’t colour from the box

cutting hairAsk any professional stylist their hair pet peeves and they’re bound to say box hair colour. While it’s convenient and cheap, the stuff you buy in the shops can do some major damage to your hair. Instead, go to a stylist and get the colour done right. It will look better, last longer, and can be more easily touched up as it grows out.

Choose the right style

Amazingly, having the right hair style for your face and lifestyle can make a big difference to the health of your hair. It makes sense, though. If you have long hair, but are constantly pulling it back, you can be causing damage. Instead, consider a shorter style that meets your needs.

Don’t wash it too often

This can be a controversial topic for many women, but the general consensus is that over-washing is a bad thing. Have a think in the mornings whether you really need to wash your hair. In the winter, you might find that you only need to wash your hair every few days. This can help keep the natural oils in place, resulting in healthier hair.

Watch what you eat and drink

The final bit of advice for healthy hair is to keep healthy in general. Like any part of your body, your hair will suffer if you aren’t eating and drinking properly. Good nutrition and lots of water are essential to having great hair. It’s not to say you can’t have a few treats, but keep them in moderation if you want a good hair day every day.

One more thing – I’ve always been pretty useless at doing stuff like French Braids but this video below showing you how to do a French Braid is brilliant!

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