Tula Bags

Tula Originals Nappa Medium Across Body HandbagI’m not usually a Bag Lady (so to speak) but I saw a really cute bag in John Lewis today and I suddenly ‘got’ the whole women & their handbags thing.

My own collection of bags seems paltry compared to all the other women I know but that might well change.

To be honest I’d never heard of Tula Bags until today although I am familiar with their big sister Radley. Tula bags look to be of a similar high quality so will last for aeons but at the same time they are not so expensive that you need to work overtime for 3 months to cover the cost! In fact you can get a Tula from as little as £39 – pretty reasonable hey?

Pink Ostrich TulaI got back home after my morning in town and had a quick nosey at the various Tulas I could find online and there are absolutely loads of them – all different styles to suit most tastes and ages. There are plenty of on-trend, block, bright colours like the emerald green and the fuchsia berry ones here and as ever buying a bag in one of these shades will update your wardrobe in an instance!

tan-Tula-duffelBut if classic neutral’s more your bag, then there are lots of Tula bags in varying shades of cream/beige/taupe/tan etc. too. I really like this Duffle Bag on the right – not a bit like the one I had to go on school trips in primary school fortunately!

And do you know what in this Jubilee-Olympics year, it’s flipping good to see that classic British craftsmanship is still alive & kicking!


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