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Vistaprint iPhone CaseJust thought I’d show you the really fun looking iPhone cases which my daughter and her boyfriend ordered recently from Vistaprint.

Apparently it was dead easy to do and although originally they were both going to put a holiday pic from Turkey on their phones, they decided against it. Maddie just went to Google and searched for random pretty patterns and Hey Presto!! I like Maddie’s case as it really seems to compliment the white iPhone that she has.

The whole procedure from going onto the website to uploading all the necessary pics to create the personalised Vistaprint iPhone Case etc, took no time at all and the site was fairly easy to navigate. I think they were both a bit disappointed TheThumbsUp to the fact that the image doesn’t wrap around the phone like my personalised iPhone Case¬†though.

Once they’d ordered the cases, they took a couple of weeks to arrive. Poor Lee (Maddie’s boyfriend) actually managed to drop his new iPhone a couple of days before the case arrived. Pretty bad timing!

I’m not so keen on the design of Lee’s iPhone case. What do you think?

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