Who is Tom Everhart?

Dog Lips by Tom EverhartMr. C and I were in Vegas when we happened upon an exhibition of some brilliant, fun paintings and posters by Tom Everhart. Coincidentally we were in the market for some new pics for our living room wall and so we ended up buying a couple. The one at the top of this post adorns our living-room wall and the other was bought and framed for our daughter Helena for her 21st Birthday! Obviously we bought the posters as money is definitely not ‘no object’ for us. We would have loved to have bought ‘the real thing’ though and I swear if I ever have a spare few grand hanging around (I wish!!), then I’ll be buying one of his paintings.

Sticky Wet Romantic Kiss on the Loveboat by Tom EverhartI was genuinely surprised when I saw Snoopy a la Everhart as I was under the impression that Peanuts and Snoopy were a trademark. Anyway, we had a long chat with one of the assistants in the shop in The Mandalay Bay Hotel and she told us that Everhart is the only artist authorized by Charles Schulz to draw in the Peanuts/Snoopy style. So there you go…

Find out more about the talented Tom Everhart Here!

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