Win a Luxury Chocoholics Gift Box from Ringtons


The Christmas holidays are now a dim and distant memory and as January can be a little bit of an anti-climax, it’s probably the monRingtons Luxury Chocoholicsth we most deserve a little bit of a treat! Here you go then, here’s a treat for you.  I’ve teamed up with British tea and coffee merchant Ringtons to offer one lucky winner the chance to win a fantastic Luxury Chocoholics Gift Box!

Packed full of chocolatey, treats the Chocoholics Gift Box from Ringtons includes four scrummy chocolate biscuits; Triple Chocolate Cookies, Brazil Nut Biscuits, Chocolate Mallows and Caramel Wafers.  The box also includes Ringtons’ indulgent and luxurious hot chocolate – the perfect accompaniment to a sneaky chocolate biscuit or two!

To Win this Luxury Chocoholics Gift Box from Ringtons, all you have to do is Follow @Ringtons and @TheThumbsUp on Twitter and then:


The competition closes on February 3rd and the winner will be announced on my Twitter Winners Page

Ringtons is exclusively available through its traditional doorstep delivery service which began in 1907 when tea was delivered by horse and cart! Now, of course, things are a bit different to say the least and you can buy the Chocoholics Gift Box (and other products such as bagged and loose tea, ground and instant coffee, herbal and fruit infusions, sweet treats, biscuits and homeware) at; via a specialist Customer Care Team on Freephone 0800 052 2440; and through carefully selected elite hotels and cafes who sell the company’s exclusive Signature collection of speciality tea, coffee and infusions onto their customers who want café quality drinks in their own homes.

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