YooMoo Fat Free Frozen Yogurt

YoomooJust a quickie to say who needs ice-cream any more now we know we can have oodles of yumminess with a fraction of the calories by choosing YooMoo fat free frozen yogurt instead?

We’ve got a YooMoo  near us in Cardiff, in the St David’s 2 Centre, and it’s kind of become as much of a fave shop for me and Mr. C as the Costa right next to it.

Every YooMoo is completely natural, fat free and probiotic as well. It states clearly on their site that ‘nothing has been taken out and no nasties have been added’ so good news all round really.

YooMoo has loads of different flavour combinations with names like SharingMoo, BabyMoo, MagnificentMoo and Berry TwistMoo to name but a few. I just had a ChocolateTwistMoo which consisted of scrummy belgian chocolate and Madagascan vanilla frozen yogurt, milk chocolate buttons & white chocolate buttons. I was tempted to go down the berries & granola route but once again chocolate won the day for me. Ah but I can console myself with the fact that at least the frozen yogurt was fat-free ……

Mrs C
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