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Ok, so I’ve been running this blog for a while now, simply as a personal reviews blog,  However in 2017- Mr. C and I took a year out to ‘do some travelling‘ to go see places we’ve never seen before. So we now kind of focus on the travel side of things. If you’d like us to come and check out your hotel or holidays or simply place of interest, then just give us a shout on the contact form below! We’re ’empty-nesters’ and haven’t made many specific plans yet so why not give us a few ideas about where we should go and why?

As to the rest of my blog, well below I’ve kind of summed it up …
Is it good?  Worth the money? Innovative? Interesting… or just plain rubbish? Does it get ‘the thumbs up’ or not?

I bet there have been times when you’ve bought something you really liked or even hated – gone somewhere brilliant on holiday, tried a new beauty product, watched a great film or whatever – and wanted to tell everyone about it!  Well that’s all I’m doing here on TheThumbsUp – simply blogging about the brilliant and the bloody awful things I have bought, seen or done!  Sometimes you’ll notice that (particularly when it comes to cars and techie/gadgety things) Mr. C says his piece.  This is mainly because, for reasons beyond my control,  I rarely notice anything other than the colour of cars and the frequency with which they need filling-up with petrol.  I apologise if any feminists out there think I’m letting down the side: I promise you I am a free-thinking independent woman – I just don’t give a monkey’s about cars!

So…. a bit more about this blog. Blogging is not my job.  I’m a retired, chronic pain sufferer and I certainly don’t get paid for singing anyone’s praises or shouting about them. I do this for fun, when I’m able, although granted there are some perks. It’s fair to say that I occasionally accept and keep free things but I refuse to let anyone pay me to do reviews. I think I’m honest and say it as it is.

The posts are categorised  into subjects such as  Travel and Holidays, Beauty and plain and simple ‘Rants’ when stress levels dictate, to make it easier for you to browse the sort of things you might be interested in.  So have a read and feel free to comment on anything!

Mrs. C


If you’d like me to review a hotel, holiday, shop, beauty product  or whatever, or simply comment on my blog, just drop me a line here at The Thumbs Up using the form above and I’ll get in touch.

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