3 Benefits Of Home Automation

home automation

Home automation is everywhere nowadays. We live in a busy world where convenience is key, after all. There are systems that allow you to control the lights, heating, door locks, kitchen appliances and so much more. This was once a luxury for property owners, but now that smart phones and tablets are present in most households, home automation is more affordable and easier to

How Artificial Grass Can Help You This Summer

artificial grass

When it comes to the maintenance of our home, we all want to make life easier for ourselves. It's nice to be able to stop and rest from time to time after all. With that in mind, you might want to consider installing artificial grass in your garden, as it doesn’t need to be mowed, weeded, fertilised or watered. Instead you can just sit back

Smoke and Mirrors

Ok so you know when you look at a house online and ooo-aahh over the photos? Love the lounge!  Love the bathroom.  Oh and look at the lovely shiny wooden floorboards?Well we did that.  Saw our new house aka The Project on RightMove and booked a viewing for the next day. We guessed from the price that it needed work but Boy oh Boy were we

Downsizing? Nah!

house key

Mr and Mrs C are 'empty-nesters' now so downsizing is on the agenda!"The kids have all left home now, so let's downsize' he said.So what are we doing? Moving from a four bedder to a five bedder, that's what! I can actually see some of you scratching your foreheads wondering if you've read that correctly. Well you have and yes I agree, we must be

Project House

Project House

It’s all gone quiet over here! Where have Mr and Mrs C been all this time?  We've been thinking ' Project House '.After our whirlwind world tour last year we hit the ground not so much running, but with a thud! Getting back into a routine after a year away takes some doing, believe me.However, here we are, fully rejuvenated, horizons broadened and ready for