Our Summer Holidays 2018

Eiffel Tower

This year Mr and Mrs C had a busy old Summer, including a river cruise in France, Yorkshire by Rail and ... Well read on ...It's September already and John Lewis has already filmed its Christmas advert. Elton John and Your Song apparently. The budget for the pre-publicity advertising the upcoming advert must be phenomenal. Remember this one? I'm no dog lover but it even

A Devon and Cornwall Holiday

The river at Looe, Cornwall

It's a funny old place to get to, Cornwall.  We commented this morning when getting from Polperro to Mawnan Smith how easy it is to take a road that you think is right and then end up getting dead-ended on some promontory somewhere with only a chain ferry that runs twice a day.  That's part of the attraction of a Devon and Cornwall holiday.Whichever way

Penang – Malaysia

Batu Ferringhi beach

Before we started this round of our travels, we'd decided that we were going to make our visit to Malaysia more of a 'beach break’ than another marathon week of sight-seeing. So before we even arrived in Penang, we were already feeling pretty chilled and relaxed. The flights from Sydney to Singapore and then Singapore to Penang were uneventful and our pre-booked taxi was already waiting

Sydney – Australia

A View of Sydney from the Ferry

Auckland to Sydney, just three hours separates them but the difference between the two countries is apparent from the minute you land. New Zealand, stunning as it is, is quiet and chilled. If it was a colour, it would be muted tones and conservative in nature.  Sydney, Australia, on the other hand, though similarly relaxed, would be bright orange or pink, and loud, very loud!Sydney's

New Zealand – North Island

New Zealand North Island

How were we to top the last few days? What was North Island going to offer?  Could it possibly get any better?  South Island gave us some of the most impressive, most beautiful and most ‘awesome’ scenery we’ve ever seen.  Auckland airport greeted us with grey skies and a cold southerly wind and after a complete fiasco with our car rental booking we were out

New Zealand – South Island

Lake Tekapo

South Island, New Zealand proved to be as idyllic as we'd expected.  Apart from our fleeting but gorgeous visit to Cape Cod, the bit of our adventures I'd most been looking forward to was New Zealand. Unfortunately the journey there, all 13 hours of it, had to be borne first. We had the cheapest round-the-world flights we could find so weren't expecting an upgrade. Nonetheless,