Cardiff Winter Wonderland

Big Wheel Cardiff Winter Wonderland

Wandering Welsh Girl Megan Carr gives us her thoughts on one of the city's annual favourites ... Cardiff Winter Wonderland!A treasured family favourite, the Cardiff Winter Wonderland is the highlight of Cardiff’s festive season. Every year, families troop down in their buttoned coats and woolly scarves and red noses, excited for a seasonal day.Ice-skating, the Alpine Village, the Funfair – Winter Wonderland has it all. And, a new addition

Lovely Natural Beauty Christmas Gifts from AA Skincare

Most of you will know by now that I am a big fan of natural beauty products. You'll also know that  love a bargain as much as anyone and Christmas is my favourite time of year. So when I heard that AA Skincare were bringing out gorgeous beauty and skincare gifts made from pure essential oils and natural ingredients like Lavender, Frankincense and Sandalwood in time

The Present Tree

The Present Tree

I found The Present Tree website when I was looking for something special for my daughter’s birthday.Helena, my oldest has just bought her first house and I wanted to buy her something that would last.  The idea of buying her a tree sounded perfect and I remembered hearing her say once that she’d love an orange or a lemon tree. Googling I came across The

Christmas Gifts From BuyAGift

Champneys BuyAGift

I've become a big fan recently of giving people 'experiences' rather than actual material gifts. Memories last forever, after all, but a bottle of perfume has all gone in a year and chocolates don't last very long at all.I had a Champagne Afternoon Tea Voucher from BuyAGift for my birthday and Mr. C and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. One of my daughters, Helena over at

Christmas 2015 – Gifts For The Ladies

SUKIN Love Your Skin

Who'd have thought I'd start compiling gifts for a Christmas Gift Guide with a brand you can buy in Holland & Barrett (amongst other places) but I'm going to?!  I've bought the Sukin Facial Moisturiser there before and it really is lovely. This Sukin - Love Your Skin Gift Set above is reduced and around the £15 mark from Ocado and is beautifully presented in a smartgift

The Library of Fragrance

To me perfume is something I put on everyday and I like to have a few different ones on the go. Once upon a time, perfume was something you had given you as a birthday or Christmas gift and it wasn't something you just went out and bought for yourself. I suppose if you're laying out something round the £50 mark for the lovely Estee

Surprise, Surprise – It’s BuyAGift!

BuyaGift Logo

This Christmas, in true 'Surprise, Surprise' style, embarked on a mission to surprise some real Christmas Heroes with a special gift on their doorstep. The heroes had unknowingly been nominated by a loved one for something they have selflessly done or been through. Buyagift captured their reactions and the reasons why people nominated them in a heart-warming video.5 year old Joel Collins from Romsey was nominated by

Christmas Gifts 2014

Benecos Nail Polish

Most of us Mums start our Christmas shopping pretty early on in the year as it gets pretty expensive if we leave it all to the last minute. I started my Christmas Gifts 2014 shopping in the January Sales when I bought a few knock-down Body Shop bits & bobs for the numerous 'girls' in the family.I picked up a couple of things in WHSmith