Rush to the Oscars in 2014

Here we are at the end of January and as is always the case at this time of year, the top contenders for the various awards; the ‘Globes’, Oscars, Baftas etc. are parading their wares on every conceivable media.There are some spectacular contenders this year too.  The superb cast of the acclaimed ‘American Hustle’ all shone in this enthralling story of high-level deception, the stunning

X Factor 2013

Every year when the X Factor teaser ads come on just before the new series starts, Mr. C has a bit of a whinge about how the X Factor 'takes over our life' as it monopolises our TV schedule every weekend till Christmas.And for some people, it's not just about the weekends. They download the App that's promoted during every show, chat about the show

Playing For Keeps

A Really 'nice' rom-com! I'm a sucker for a good Rom-Com so happily sat down last night to watch Playing for Keeps, the latest offering from Gerard Butler. He's pretty easy on the eye and his films are rarely 'taxing' so getting comfy on the sofa with Mr. C. a glass of wine and a massive bar of chocolate I was optimistic that it would be

The Sapphires – A Great Feel-Good Film!

We sat down last night to watch a film called The Sapphires not expecting all that much to be honest. We'd seen a trailer a while back on the LoveFilm website and weren't impressed at all - but hey how wrong were we?! The Sapphires -Soul Sisters In my mind I kind of envisaged a low-budget Dreamgirls and I suppose in many respects it fitted the criteria

Going all Goggle-Eyed

I'm watching way too much telly at the moment. It's ridiculous - I'm turning into the biggest couch potato ever. What with X Factor, I'm A Celebrity (over the last few weeks) & Corrie, it's getting pretty difficult fitting in time to watch the scheduled dramas we 'have to' watch like Homeland let alone all the incidental brilliant TV dramas that pop up here there &


If you haven't been watching Homeland on a Sunday night, then you are missing out on a treat as this is American TV as it's absolute best.The series makes for brilliant TV and Clare Danes is a revelation, she really is. Damian Lewis, who plays the central character Sergeant Brody, is made for life after this series, as he is compelling to watch and mind-blowingly

Call The Midwife

I am loving the BBC's new Sunday night offering 'Call The Midwife'.Miranda Hart as the posh new midwife Chummy is a revelation! I think we all forget she is actually an actress and assume she is the same as 'Miranda' in the comedy series of the same name.As well as being an extremely talented comedy actress with brilliant comic timing, Miranda Hart is now showing

Christmas Telly

Have seen some really good stuff over the past few days...'Fast Freddie, The Widow and Me' - Laurence Fox was a revelation for me in this! Yes it was a tad predictable but it was a real feel-good drama and I loved it. I may have cried but I laughed lots too. Am so glad I didn't watch Great Expectations on the other side.Lapland -

The Lincoln Lawyer – Great Courtroom Drama

The Lincoln Lawyer is a kind of predictable courtroom drama but nonetheless is a really good film. It certainly kept me gripped from start to finish anyway.Matthew McConaughey is the not unattractive star of this legal thriller and plays a low-budget defence lawyer who practises from the back of his car - a Lincoln! (It's got to be said that although I sort of guessed

We Love Friday Night Dinner

So what are we giving The Thumbs Up to on the telly at the moment? SilkWell-constructed, gripping courtroom drama with the excellent Maxine Peake. Think we're going to see a lot more of the brooding Nick Slade, who plays her kleptomaniac  'pupil'. Like her, he is from a Northern unmoneyed background and his slightly bumbling courtroom pleas contrast with his adversary's who is the other pupil.