The Sapphires – A Great Feel-Good Film!

The SapphiresWe sat down last night to watch a film called The Sapphires not expecting all that much to be honest. We’d seen a trailer a while back on the LoveFilm website and weren’t impressed at all – but hey how wrong were we?!

The Sapphires -Soul Sisters

In my mind I kind of envisaged a low-budget Dreamgirls and I suppose in many respects it fitted the criteria for that description BUT (and it’s a big ‘but’!) it really is a great feel-good film.

It’s based on a true story about 4 soul ‘sisters’ who followed their dream to make it big. Chuck in a bit of Australian grittiness, plenty of earthy humour, a few feisty females, a touch of Aboriginal history, Vietnam in 1968 , loads of catchy tunes and a big dollop of the very versatile Chris O’Dowd and there you have it.

I laughed, I tapped my foot, I learnt, I sang and I cried! The Sapphires has as much heart as soul and you’d have to be pretty mean-spirited not to enjoy it.

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