Double Futon from Comfy Living

Comfy Living Futon

Comfy Living Double FutonA while back we bought a single futon from Comfy-Living  . It’s been a brilliant addition to our house as along with being a really comfy chair, it’s also a fold-out single bed for unexpected overnight visitors.

Anyway I digress ….. over Christmas our house went from a virtually empty nest to an overflowing ‘guest house’ as various offspring came back from Uni or work with boyfriends in tow. One of our daughters   has had her bed since Year Dot and as she has now joined the world of work, working as an engineer for Jee , it seemed a reasonable time to make her room a more ‘grown-up’ and useful space by putting a double sofa bed in there. It meant that when she came home with her boyfriend, they didn’t have to squish up in a single bed.

To be honest we didn’t even bother googling or looking around as we were so happy with the single futon from Comfy-Living that we went straight there and ordered a double futon  from them! They are incredibly fast at delivering and once again, the futon arrived less than 24 hours after we ordered it and we didn’t have to pay a penny for delivery.

We paid a couple of pounds extra for the luxury mattress and once again went for the natural colour as although it might sound a bit boring, it goes with everything and can be tarted up with a few cushions in whatever shade you want.

We are genuinely pleased with this new addition to our household and I can’t recommend Comfy-Living  highly enough. Incredible value for money and amazing customer service!

Mrs C
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