Fushi Organic Rosehip Oil

FUSHI Organic Rosehip OilRosehip Oil has become very popular of late as it is so good at helping skin to repair itself. Once upon a time, very few people knew of the benefits of rosehip oil and they were usually people with severe scarring who through trial and error had eventually been recommended a product containing rosehip oil.

Nowadays more and more of us have cottoned onto the benefits and it was with this in mind that I thought I’d try out Fushi Organic Rosehip Oil. I haven’t got scars I’m particularly worried about and I haven’t got burns but I have got very dry skin, particularly on my legs and arms, and I’m not getting any younger either. Fushi’s own site says that ‘Fushi Organic Rosehip Oil is rich in Vitamin A and C, which helps to delay the effects of skin aging, assists with cell regeneration and promotes collagen levels!’ Well I don’t know the ins and outs of how it does it, but like other Rosehip Oils I’ve tried, this one is brilliant for dry legs in the Winter! I can’t recommend it enough.

Fushi’s body care products are free from Parabens, Petrochemicals, SLS, PEGs and synthetics. Yay!

Fushi Organic Rosehip Oil gets The Thumbs Up big-time from me!

Mrs C
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