The Pro Co Serums

The Pro Co Serums

I’ve been trying out some new beauty serums recently and to say I’m impressed is an understatement.  Not only are THE PRO CO serums quite remarkable but they also come in sustainable plastic free packaging.  Win Win! The Pro Co Vitamin C SerumI’ve tried vitamin C serums in the past and not found them particularly effective. The Pro Co Vit C Serum suits me down to

Get Blogged?

Get Blogged

 I’ve been working on websites for most of this century yet last week I found myself asking Mr. C what exactly the word ‘blog’ meant? I genuinely didn't know that the word blog is a shortening of web log!  In other words a log (or diary) that is published on the web. Since 2005 I've written more blogs and website articles than you could imagine, so

What Is Square Meal?

wedding in santorini

This was going to be a blog about a wedding but it's ended up being a paeon to Square Meal! So what is Square Meal? Read on ...Over the past few years the make-up of our household has changed significantly.  Just over a decade ago we had 5 children living in our house on an on-off basis. Now with the youngest being

Smoke and Mirrors

Ok so you know when you look at a house online and ooo-aahh over the photos? Love the lounge!  Love the bathroom.  Oh and look at the lovely shiny wooden floorboards?Well we did that.  Saw our new house aka The Project on RightMove and booked a viewing for the next day. We guessed from the price that it needed work but Boy oh Boy were we

Our Summer Holidays 2018

Eiffel Tower

This year Mr and Mrs C had a busy old Summer, including a river cruise in France, Yorkshire by Rail and ... Well read on ...It's September already and John Lewis has already filmed its Christmas advert. Elton John and Your Song apparently. The budget for the pre-publicity advertising the upcoming advert must be phenomenal. Remember this one? I'm no dog lover but it even

Downsizing? Nah!

house key

Mr and Mrs C are 'empty-nesters' now so downsizing is on the agenda!"The kids have all left home now, so let's downsize' he said.So what are we doing? Moving from a four bedder to a five bedder, that's what! I can actually see some of you scratching your foreheads wondering if you've read that correctly. Well you have and yes I agree, we must be