The Pro Co Serums

The Pro Co Serums

I’ve been trying out some new beauty serums recently and to say I’m impressed is an understatement.  Not only are THE PRO CO serums quite remarkable but they also come in sustainable plastic free packaging.  Win Win! 

The Pro Co Vitamin C Serum

I’ve tried vitamin C serums in the past and not found them particularly effective. The Pro Co Vit C Serum suits me down to the ground however.  I’m not entirely sure it’s reduced my wrinkles yet but I’m always optimistic.  Somehow I think that boat may have sailed though. I feel it kind of perks my skin up and I  love the feel of it on my face. Apparently the Vitamin C stimulates your skin to make it produce more pro-collagen.  The hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants rejuvenates your facial skin as well as lifting and firming it.

The Pro Co Vitamin C Serum

Another great thing about The Pro Co serums is that they are all made in The UK and contain no nasties. The eco-friendly packaging  helps them to neutralise their carbon footprint. And even the small amount of plastic that they do use is completely recyclable.

The Pro Co Retinol Serum

The Pro Co Retinol Serum is the first one ever, I’ve actually tried. Once upon a million years ago I read something negative about retinol as an ingredient in face products. So I simply didn’t buy anything which included retinol.  Big mistake as it turns out retinol is just what my face has been crying out for. Last time I had a facial in a local spa, the therapist told me to check the list of ingredients when buying anything for my face. She said I should be using serums before moisturiser and that one containing retinol would be particularly good.

The blurb says  “Our 7% Retinol Serum is a unique active formulation of micro-encapsulated, highly concentrated Retinol.”  and this is what makes this one safe to use! 

Pro Co Serums

The Pro Co Eye Rescue Serum

I’ve really enjoying using The Pro Co  Eye Rescue Serum too .  I’m quite fair skinned and in the winter I’m always way more aware of dark circles and puffiness. My Summer freckles can act as a distraction I like to think. This particular eye serum feels lovely to apply and soaks in to leave the skin smooth and not at all greasy. Over time it certainly helps to fade the circles under your eyes.  I’m not entirely sure about ‘the science bit’ here but the ingredients help fade existing pigmentation and improve skin micro-circulation.

I tend to use the retinol serum sparingly in the night after I’ve cleansed but the other two serums I use in the morning.  I know some people will use the eye serum in the night too but this happens to be what works for me.

Aside from the fact that The Pro Co serums actually work, it’s pretty amazing that their packaging is 98% plastic-free!  Not only that but they’re vegan and an absolute snip at £7.99 each.

However, if you like what you see, then Click on any of the links above for a 20% Discount!  What’s not to like, hey!

The Pro Co Serums
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