Why Bi-fold Doors Will Never Go Out Of Style

bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are a great way to give your home an instant upgrade and bring a host of benefits to day to day family life while adding a touch of luxury. Bi-folds turn in on themselves along a track, meaning that they can be installed at a wider length than standard doors, and take up less room once open. In recent years, they have become a trendy addition to many homes, with no signs of slowing down in popularity. Here are several reasons why bi-folding doors are staying in style.

Bi-Fold Doors Bring The Outdoors In

We love Bi-folds for their open and simple design. They are a great way to open up your home to the outdoors, giving the impression of a larger and unrestricted space. These doors are versatile for all sizes of properties, available in configurations of two to eight panels for smaller or large openings. Bi-fold doors modernise your home, connecting it with your garden and bringing a space to life – perfect for entertaining and making the most of the fresh air from morning to evening.

Adapt To Your Preference

As well as creating a seamless transition between the outside and inside, bi-folding doors feature the best of double glazing, with panels that slide from the left or right-hand side depending on your preference. Bi-fold doors from Quickslide are made to measure and are available in a premium selection of finishes including smooth RAL, woodgrain foil or a textured finish. Because of the heavy nature of each panel, the doors are available in aluminium only; a strong and lightweight material that will remain reliable for years to come.

Limitless Light

Both closed and open, bi-folds allow maximum light to enter the home, reducing the need of artificial lighting. In addition to this, natural light is a great way to improve productivity and boost mood, so these doors are perfect for getting more vitamin D access for the whole family. As well as bringing in light, bi-folding doors give unrestricted views to the outdoors, so you can admire your garden, watch the kids playing or cosy up on a cold day watching the rain outside. They allow you to enjoy your garden all year round, so you can feel like you’re outside even when it’s too cold or wet to be in the garden.


Chic & Stylish

Bi-fold doors make your home look modern and give a slick look from the exterior, while still providing a luxurious feel overall. They add a stylish look to the home and bring the ‘wow’ factor to any room when you walk in. By adding bi-folding doors to your home, you could add between 5-10% on to the value of your home, so they’re a great investment for you to enjoy along with those who live in the property after you.

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