Modern Flooring Options

Karndean flooring

If you would like to change the decor in your home, consider using one of the modern flooring options. Flooring is a fundamental part of decorating a home. The quality of the flooring materials are crucial. And it’s important to note that not all flooring options are ideal for every room in your home.Some of the factors to consider when selecting a flooring material is

What Is Hemp Oil and How Do You Use It?

CBD Hemp Oil

CBD is one of the most popular vaping products on the market, in part because of the calming effects it has when recreationally used. With CBD vape oil, the cannabis plant extract is completely legal too. It avoids the more psychoactive effects of THC, the chemical in cannabis which is illegal in many countries.As more and more companies invest in CBD as a

Fifty Plus Dating

couple holding hands

I feel very grateful and very lucky to have a husband of many years.  Mr. W is not only my husband but he's my best friend too. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather spend time with which is just as well as we work together in a very small office. I'm not one of those 'smug marrieds' by the way, just in case

Can I Install Stained Glass Windows in My Home?

stained glass window

Decorative stained glass windows are thousands of years old and tend to be linked to churches and other religious buildings. Contemporary artists and interior designers now explore how they can be incorporated into people’s homes. Even in modern homes, it would seem that the juxtaposition of a traditional, grand window with avant-garde design elements works really well and creates a sense of personality.No matter

Protecting Your Home’s Foundations

Protect your house foundations

When it comes to the foundations of our homes, most of us have an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude. When you can’t see a problem arising, it’s never a top priority to fix it. However, if we don’t protect the foundations of our homes, we could end up with some serious (and costly) structural damage, such as leaks and cracks. Preventing such problems

3 Benefits Of Home Automation

home automation

Home automation is everywhere nowadays. We live in a busy world where convenience is key, after all. There are systems that allow you to control the lights, heating, door locks, kitchen appliances and so much more. This was once a luxury for property owners, but now that smart phones and tablets are present in most households, home automation is more affordable and easier to

How Artificial Grass Can Help You This Summer

artificial grass

When it comes to the maintenance of our home, we all want to make life easier for ourselves. It's nice to be able to stop and rest from time to time after all. With that in mind, you might want to consider installing artificial grass in your garden, as it doesn’t need to be mowed, weeded, fertilised or watered. Instead you can just sit back

Over 50s Dating

over 50s dating

“How things have changed! Now when I was young …..” When my grandparents and parents used to say that sort of thing back in the day, I, like many other youngsters, used to roll my eyes and despair at the oldies. Not so much though now I’ve joined the ranks of oldies and wrinklies.So many things have changed since I was a young girl; even

Dating and Love Island

Dating and Love Island

What is it with Love Island?  Why is it so popular? I swear virtually every person I know is watching it, or if they're not, their children are. Dating Showshe Love Island 'phenomenon', for want of a better word, started back in 2015 and it really does seem to have captured the public's attention.  You can't go on social media , read a tabloid or go