Moving Day

Taxi Vans Cardiff house removals

Googling ‘House Removals Cardiff’ seems like ages ago and Mr and Mrs C’s moving day has now been and gone.  Here’s how it went …

After months of people traipsing through our house with the estate agent and wondering if we’d ever sell, eventually we got an offer we were prepared to accept. Yes, the offer was slightly below asking price but our offer (also below asking price) on the house we wanted was accepted, so nothing was lost.

House Removals Cardiff?

As soon as the chain was complete, we went hell for leather getting the wheels in motion for moving out.  We googled ‘house removals Cardiff‘ and before long we’d made contact with a company called Taxi Vans Cardiff. Now I’ve got to admit that it seemed like a pretty strange name for a house removals company, but any doubt I had, soon went out the window when the lovely Joel got in touch.  (Here I need to point out that he was not only the first to get back to us, but TaxiVansCardiff were the only ones make an appointment to view our house!)

moving day

From the minute we met Joel, we felt comfortable with him.  He seemed trustworthy, reliable and had lots of useful tips for us for the actual moving day. He noted our cream sofas and said they had specialist covers for them to prevent any marking. Likewise our many pictures and paintings would have protective covers over them. He emailed us an extremely competitive quote the same afternoon and we didn’t bother waiting for the other house removals companies to get back to us. I think one of them deigned to call us a week after we’d first submitted our request for a quote and another emailed us halfheartedly two weeks later.

Reliable & Prompt

Taxi Vans Cardiff turned up at 8 am promptly on moving day.   I’d been kind of hoping they’d be late as we were nowhere near ready. They immediately set to work dismantling furniture and emptying the house room by room. I was getting progressively more and more stressed as the day went on but the removals boys retained their sense of humour throughout. They worked so hard all day and nothing seemed to faze them.  If we were impressed when we met Joel we were doubly impressed when we saw him and his team in action.

house removals Cardiff


They were a resourceful bunch too and no hurdles were insurmountable. They had to take the door off our American fridge freezer to get it out of our old house.  This obviously added a fair bit of time to their day. Likewise when we all turned up at the new house, the owners were nowhere near ready. The lads just cleared one room though and started unloading. Damien, Dean and the other lads worked like Trojans all day.  In fact they even went back to our old house the next morning for us too. Yup, dopey Us had forgotten to empty our shed.

Nothing was too much for them and they remained cool, calm and collected until the end! In the unlikely event that we ever move again, Taxi Vans Cardiff would definitely be the first people we’d phone. No way, though am I going to move again.  Talk about stressful!!!  I know we said the house was a doer-upper (a ‘project‘, Mr, C said?) but it didn’t seem this bad when we came around to view with the estate agent …   (read next blog to find out why …)


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