Kilim Cushions

Junior doctor Maddie has at last found a Kilim cushion she likes! I found plenty of international sellers but the costs of shipping and VAT were a bit OTT! Finally I stumbled upon this seller called Uri Jacobi, based in the UK. There was quite a good range to choose from on the website and the cushions were reasonably priced at £40 for a standard 15 x

Out of the Frying Pan – Into the fire

Ceramic Frying Pan

By now it’ll be obvious that we get around a bit, visiting here and there, eating here and there, and Mrs C puts various things on her hair, nails and skin in order to make herself even more beautiful. But, what about life in Chateau C in general?  What really makes the house tick?A recent addition to our kitchen inventory was a completely new experience for

My Bread Maker

I bought a bread maker a while back which has been languishing in one of the kitchen cupboards since the initial flurry of excitement and fresh bread every day for a fortnight! A couple of loaves in a row failed to rise and served to dampen our enthusiasm - as it does! The bread-maker was put away and as you know, once you remove something


One of the more interesting press releases to drop into my Inbox last week was one that claimed 1 in 10 Brits are ‘too busy’ to say thank you. This kind of intrigued me as I simply can not comprehend how anyone can ever be 'too busy' to say thanks.The research by Philips also revealed that 40% of Brits admit they forget to say thank

The Herdy Company

Herdy Mugs

One of my many daughters happened to have a birthday a couple of weeks ago and as she'd mentioned she needed some new mugs recently, I did a bit of shopping around looking for something a bit different - and came across The Herdy Company! The Herdy Company The Herdy Company started in The Lake District and their products and ideas have been very much inspired by