Project House – The Early Days

An interesting old fireplace

Following on from the last update, here’s where we are in project house – the early days:

Just had a quote for replacement windows… We had budgeted a significant amount – a five-figure sum for new windows to be precise.  However, when your first quote comes in at nearly 70% over budget it sort of takes your breath away and makes you sweat a little. This was one of the first ‘major’ expenditures we had planned for around moving-in time.  Mind you, it’s only when we count things up that we realise that the house has 24 windows and 3 external doors! That’s a lot of glass!

Already Started

We’ve already bought a few things prior to our move.  A very good end-of-season offer on a shower tray and sliding shower screen couldn’t be passed-by, so by going for that option we’ve already chopped over £100 of our shower room budget.  Add to that two towel rings and two loo roll holders for only £12 and we’re already clawing back funds. We also have to draw a balance between the money we save when buying now with the potential extra costs during removals.  I already have a pretty good selection of tools, but over the next few weeks I’ll need to get quite a few more – especially for my forthcoming plastering endeavour.

A Gallery

As promised, here’s a selection of photos to illustrate our challenge during project house:

The masochist in me is now chomping at the bit and ready to go.  I know it’s going to be a lot of work and a lot of reassuring Mrs C along the way.  But I’ve done this before and I know it can be done – and well!  We’ve started our countdown based on an anticipated mid-October move.  One month to go.  Wish us luck!

Mr C
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