Safety Equipment for Hazardous Areas

safety in dangerous environments

Years ago, safety in the workplace wasn’t taken anywhere as seriously as it is nowadays.  This is true whether you go back 5 years, 20 years or 100 years. It’s a known fact that many industries suffered what would now be classed as wholly unacceptable accident rates.  This situation is hard to prove though, because of the poor or even non-existent record-keeping. This

Project House

Project House

It’s all gone quiet over here! Where have Mr and Mrs C been all this time?  We've been thinking ' Project House '.After our whirlwind world tour last year we hit the ground not so much running, but with a thud! Getting back into a routine after a year away takes some doing, believe me.However, here we are, fully rejuvenated, horizons broadened and ready for

Don’t Underestimate Your Dad

Driving Experience Gifts

Birthday presents, Christmas gifts, Father's Day gifts... They're all a bit of a challenge nowadays.  Men are SO difficult to buy for.  This is where Experience Gifts can come into their own.When you’re a Dad, you’re a Dad. Simple as that! You grow a little bit older, you lose a bit of hair, your midriff changes shape a little, but to your kids you’re still

A Devon and Cornwall Holiday

The river at Looe, Cornwall

It's a funny old place to get to, Cornwall.  We commented this morning when getting from Polperro to Mawnan Smith how easy it is to take a road that you think is right and then end up getting dead-ended on some promontory somewhere with only a chain ferry that runs twice a day.  That's part of the attraction of a Devon and Cornwall holiday.Whichever way

Why I Hate Shopping!

hot air balloon trip

I've always hated shopping.  I don't think I'm alone amongst men either.  The very thought of going into town with the sole objective of 'shopping’ brings me out in a cold sweat.  No, for me there has to be a sole purpose, a project, a single product to buy, or in an extreme case a few products.  Nowadays it's even less necessary to venture onto

New Zealand – North Island

New Zealand North Island

How were we to top the last few days? What was North Island going to offer?  Could it possibly get any better?  South Island gave us some of the most impressive, most beautiful and most ‘awesome’ scenery we’ve ever seen.  Auckland airport greeted us with grey skies and a cold southerly wind and after a complete fiasco with our car rental booking we were out