Don’t Underestimate Your Dad

Driving Experience Gifts

Birthday presents, Christmas gifts, Father’s Day gifts… They’re all a bit of a challenge nowadays.  Men are SO difficult to buy for.  This is where Experience Gifts can come into their own.

When you’re a Dad, you’re a Dad. Simple as that! You grow a little bit older, you lose a bit of hair, your midriff changes shape a little, but to your kids you’re still a Dad – their Dad. In a way, that’s nice because it keeps you feeling youthful and vivacious. In your kids’ eyes your age is virtually irrelevant, so they’ll treat you the same as you get older as they did when they were toddlers.

Dare Dad

I’m not complaining. I thoroughly enjoyed a recent outing to celebrate my eldest son’s marriage. He, a dozen friends and work colleagues and me (on just the wrong side of 55) all piled out for a bit of adventure – karting, one of my latest fun driving experiences. After some introductions and a bit of teasing – both ways, I hasten to add – we kitted up for the onslaught.

Karting Experience

Bedecked in overalls, balaclavas and helmets, we lined up in the pit lane and almost choked on our respective exhaust fumes until we had the nod, the green flag, the all-clear. Off like a shot went all those twenty-something whipper-snappers, keen as mustard and raring to go. At that age there’s always a point to prove and hell were they there to prove it. But I’ve been here before and I know what’s coming. Within 3 or 4 laps there it was; evidence of a cart and driver being pushed beyond its limits and spinning like a top, taking out a few other eager beavers and allowing us older, wiser experts to squeeze through.

Experience Gifts

Whatever your age, this is still exciting stuff. I don’t think Dads ever tire of wanting a bit of action now and then. It’s great to have a bit of adrenaline pumping through the veins and to drive that kart like your life depends on it. It’s hard work, it’s tiring, but my goodness it’s great fun too. So if my now grown-up children were to get me one of those experience gifts I’d jump at the chance. I’d love to learn to fly, drive a fast car around a racing circuit or indeed take part in any adventure. Bring it on I say! My point to prove is that I may be cultivating a wrinkle or two, but I’m certainly not past a bit of fun, adventure and challenge. I’m sure I’m not alone amongst older Dads either. What’s next, I wonder. Perhaps a flying experience next time?

Flying Experience Gifts

Word to the wise: Never underestimate your Dad. He’s still got it in him and boy is he happy to prove that! #DareDad

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