Fifty Plus Dating

couple holding hands

I feel very grateful and very lucky to have a husband of many years.  Mr. W is not only my husband but he's my best friend too. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather spend time with which is just as well as we work together in a very small office. I'm not one of those 'smug marrieds' by the way, just in case

Can I Install Stained Glass Windows in My Home?

stained glass window

Decorative stained glass windows are thousands of years old and tend to be linked to churches and other religious buildings. Contemporary artists and interior designers now explore how they can be incorporated into people’s homes. Even in modern homes, it would seem that the juxtaposition of a traditional, grand window with avant-garde design elements works really well and creates a sense of personality.No matter

Protecting Your Home’s Foundations

Protect your house foundations

When it comes to the foundations of our homes, most of us have an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude. When you can’t see a problem arising, it’s never a top priority to fix it. However, if we don’t protect the foundations of our homes, we could end up with some serious (and costly) structural damage, such as leaks and cracks. Preventing such problems

Safety Equipment for Hazardous Areas

safety in dangerous environments

Years ago, safety in the workplace wasn’t taken anywhere as seriously as it is nowadays.  This is true whether you go back 5 years, 20 years or 100 years. It’s a known fact that many industries suffered what would now be classed as wholly unacceptable accident rates.  This situation is hard to prove though, because of the poor or even non-existent record-keeping. This

Why I Hate Shopping!

hot air balloon trip

I've always hated shopping.  I don't think I'm alone amongst men either.  The very thought of going into town with the sole objective of 'shopping’ brings me out in a cold sweat.  No, for me there has to be a sole purpose, a project, a single product to buy, or in an extreme case a few products.  Nowadays it's even less necessary to venture onto

Aloha Hawaii Talented Tote Bags!

I live in Wales and as a 'green' nation, there's a charge for carrier bags in all the shops here so we tend to carry around our own 'bags for life', cotton shoppers, totes or whatever you call them.Last week I picked up a really bright and snazzy new tote bag, primarily to keep in my handbag for extra shopping. When it arrived though, I

The Hay Festival and My Competition Win!

Some of you will know that last year, I won a competition run by Vintage Books.It was a pretty amazing prize, consisting of a weekend stay in a B&B near Hay-on-Wye during the Hay Festival, tickets to numerous talks and events taking place there, a pair of Hunter Wellies for us both and the entire Deborah Moggach back catalogue!Now I love Deborah Moggach anyway so